How I Got a Doctor’s Consultation and Prescription Skincare Treatment without Leaving the House  

I’m glad we are finally transitioning into fall. The summer sun and stress were a little rough on my skin, so I decided I need some skincare updates in my regimen. If you have a computer or a cell phone, chances are, you’ve heard about telemedicine and its convenience where you can get professional medical advice without the need to leave your house. My life has been crazy busy lately, so I was thinking about trying something like this. How does it work and can it improve my skin condition?

One day last week I came home super late and was not happy about my looks. I happened to stumble upon Alpha Medical on Instagram earlier that day and decided that it’s the time. Alpha is a health services brand that enables easy access to online diagnosis and prescription treatment. They offer hormonal contraceptives, acne & anti-aging treatment, and elective prescription skincare. The next 15 minutes were spent by filling out a questionnaire and snapping 3 selfies of my tired face for a doctor’s assessment. Would a real doctor provide advice and prescribe some anti-aging treatment if needed? I was not even sure of what to expect. 

The very next day I received a message from a dermatologist who asked some questions about my skin imperfections and recommended a combination of anti-aging topical cream that can also help to clear up the very mild acne I started developing on the sides of my forehead. This was such a relieve since I had no idea what to do with those pesky bumps.

Another 2 days later, a lovely package with detailed instructions and prescription medication showed up on my doorstep. I couldn’t believe how quickly and efficient Alpha Medical was and that the cost of everything was less than my regular co-pay! 

Alpha Medical continues to add to its suite of prescription required treatments and currently offers the following:

  • Latisse – a serum that helps grow eyelashes (btw, it’s the only FDA-approved product to grow longer lashes)
  • Birth Control – pills, patches or rings (insurance is accepted for birth control, as well as cash payments)
  • Prescription skincare – anti-aging and/or acne treatment.

I believe that this service truly helps women, especially the ones living in areas where it is extremely difficult to see a specialist in a timely fashion and receive prescriptions or somebody who is very busy like me.  

I’m so thankful to Alpha Medical and modern technology for making my busy easier. The convenience, cost, and efficiency are simply unbeatable. This post is kindly sponsored by Alpha Medical but all opinions and experience are solely my own. 

Have you ever tried a telemedical service before?

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      1. Are you getting your prescribed medications straight from a doctor? No, from a pharmacy, right? Alpha Medical is a pharmacy that facilitates the process. This is in the US only though 🙂

  1. What a great service! This can be really helpful to people who have really busy lives or who simply can’t leave the house because they are ill.

  2. I haven’t heard of the term as telemedicine. Is it the same as medical treatments that you buy off the TV like ProActive? I don’t think we have medical treatments here in Japan like telemedicine, so I am unfamiliar with the topic.

    1. Not the same at all 🙂 When you buy off TV shows, it’s the same as buying in the store. At Alpha Medical, you are getting an assessment, prescription, and actual medical product.

  3. I have been thinking about trying this for some time now. I hate going into the doctors office for most things, so I’m interested in telemedicine. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Well, if you think about the process, you are being evaluated by a doctor, get a prescription, and then this prescription is sent straight to your door. Isn’t it convenient? 🙂

  4. Thank you. I need to check this service, due to my chronic pain condition, it’s tough to leave home. And I really need consultation for my skin issues.

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