Marchesa Resort 2018: The Most Stunning Clothes for Vacation

Marchesa Resort 2018: The Most Stunning Clothes for Vacation by (30)

Marchesa’s new Resort 2018 collection is stunning to the point that you literally want to grab all of the dresses and book a ticket to some fancy resort immediately. There are tulle, chiffon, beads, fringe, embroidery and even gradient ombre here. Each dress is radiating pure elegancy and sophistication. Have a look, let me know which one is your favorite : )

Is there a single dress here you don’t like? ; )


You can see more of Marchesa designs at Shopbop and Farfetch. Proceed with caution. You’ll want them all.

P.S. – If you are a fan of more casual style, have a look at this Ksenia Schnaider collection I shared last year.

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  1. I would be hard pressed to only choose one dress I like! Beautiful collection, I love Marchesa style, and this collection does not disappoint!

  2. These are all like, dream dresses. SO CUTE. what vacations are these people going on?? haha, I LOVEEEE the layers and layers of ombre tulle! the very first shades of burgundy are my fave!
    next month will get married so please tell me which dress will good for me …please reply

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