6 Easy Tips for Long-Lasting Manicure

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I’m the type of girl who loves a good manicure but prefers to keep it simple. My nails are usually short, and my colors are solid. A couple of months ago, I posted about fun and colorful manicure ideas for summer but today I wanted to talk about classic light color manicures, and how one can make them last longer.

There is nothing more annoying than a nail polish that starts chipping 2-3 days after you apply it, right? Today I’m sharing the super easy tricks I use to make sure my manicures look great for 1-2 weeks. No, I’m not talking about gel! The key is to use the right products.

Last month Dazzle Dry contacted me asking to test their nail care system, and I said “YES!” I love to do my manicures myself and had a photo shoot coming, so it was the perfect timing to test these new nail care products.

What Dazzle Dry Has to Offer?

Step 1. Nail Polish Remover

Of course, you use nail polish removers. It’s a no-brainer. What I liked about Dazzle Dry nail polish remover is that it’s a non-drying formula for the easy removal of nail lacquer. Their remover is infused with lemongrass and clove oils to help moisturize, deodorize, and impart a naturally fresh scent. Plus it comes in a very handy bottle designed for easy use.

Step 2. Nail Prep

I didn’t use a prep before and learned that not only a nail prep is an extra step to clean your nails and prepare the perfect nail canvas for long-lasting manicures but it also provides moisture, calcium, vitamin B5 and hydrolyzed protein to your nails.

Step 3. Base Coat

You need a base coat, so your natural nails keep polish lasting longer. It’s like a glue between your nails and a nail polish. Keep in mind that this base coat won’t work for acrylic or artificial nails.

Step 4. Your Favorite Nail Polish

Dazzle Dry has an array of beautiful colors to offer. I chose The Boss and Champagne Suede. The last one is the color I’m wearing on the pictures in this post. It’s a very subtle, almost matte light gold. I love it!

Step 5. Top Coat

This top coat is a quick-drying, non-yellowing lacquer that provides high gloss and protection against abrasion. It can be used with natural and acrylic nails, and I like to occasionally wear it by itself.

Step 6 or Take Care of Your Nail Polishes

What do you do when your favorite nail polish is still half-full but already too thick? I used to throw it away with sadness. Not anymore! Dazzle Dry has a little bottle called Revive that was designed to restore the consistency of nail lacquers that have become thick from the natural evaporation of solvents. A few drops do the trick!

I’ve done the initial manicure following all the steps, and it literally looked like new 10 days later. For the sake of experiment, next time I did my manicure by simply applying a layer of nail lacquer right after I cleaned my nails with a nail polish remover. That manicure started chipping 3 days after. Try Dazzle Dry nail care system yourself and let me know if you noticed the difference I witnessed.

Btw, Dazzle Dry offers 20% off their products if you signing up for their email.

How long does your manicure usually last?

This post is sponsored by Dazzle Dry. All opinions are solely my own.

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  1. I’ve never heard of Dazzle Dry before, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out now after reading your review. A great review, thanks for sharing!

  2. Great as within a day of my manicures, they are usually peeling or cracked or not looking fresh. I will give dazzle dry a try so I can keep my nails looking nice

  3. Part of the reason that I don’t do my nails anymore is because of the time it takes to apply them and if they chip easily, what’s the point? I would be very interested in doing them again if I knew that they wouldn’t chip all of the time.

  4. Love all the tips. Never thought of prepping the nails. Such a good idea!My manicures don’t last at all. I will start doing your method.

  5. I agree. I’m no professional, but I do do my nails from time to time. And I know when I do a good nail prep, the polish takes to my nails much better and thus longer.

  6. This looks like such a fun subscription box! My nails are atrocious at the moment. They used the “powder” on my nails in the salon and they broke off. I can’t wait to try something else on my nails once they grow back. It’s taking soooo long!

  7. I do my own nails and this is actually helpful. I had a feeling I am not doing it right coz my nails become brittle. Will buy all things necessary before my next nail polish session.

  8. Great info, I spend so much time painting my nails, it upsets me when they chip so fast. I need to try this method!

  9. Excellent and simple tips for anyone who need regular nail care and styling. As a man, a general manicure at the saloon twice a month is my only option.

  10. Hi Yana. Great tips! I love this. With my honest, I love color and shining of nails so I collect many colors of them. Your post is very helpful to me which make my nails more beautiful. By the way, my nails have been damaged from chemical for a month but I bought a nail strengthener as shown from here https://www.womenangle.com/best-nail-strengthener/. I works very well, my nails get visible result in first 2 weeks. After my nails have been strong and healthy, I’ll back to keep my nails colorful again and follow your tips. Thank you very much for your sharing.

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