Irina Vitjaz Spring/Summer 2018 Collection at NYFW in Photos

I finally found some time to start editing pictures from the New York Fashion Week shows I attended this season. Today I wanted to introduce you to Irina Vitjaz, one of my favorite evening wear designers who brought her collection to NYFW for the second time.

“Irina Vitjaz is multi-talented Austrian fashion designer who was born in Russia. To fully understand Irina and her designs, one must delve into her ancestry. The roots of her family have a firm presence in Russia’s history… Irina’s grandfather was one of the best tailors during his time, sowing the seeds that would later blossom into Irina’s designs and love for fashion.”

I really enjoyed seeing velvet, chiffon, and various silks in bright reds, purples, and emerald green on the runway. Irina’s designs are very classy, elegant and feminine. Scroll all the way down – my favorite dress is the very last one.

Have a look at all the finale in this video:

What is your favorite piece from this collection?



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