How to Wear Sneakers and Look Fashionable

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How often do you wear sneakers? My answer is all the time. Yes, I’m a notorious sneakerhead. I wear sneakers whenever I can. With all that, I still like my outfits stylish, so fashionable sneakers are my best friends ; )

Last weekend my sister was in town, and we decided to visit Woodbury Outlets. It was the perfect occasion to debut my new Gabi sneakers by Dansko. We were non-stop shopping for about 5 hours, and my feet were ultra comfy. This is my second pair of shoes by Dansko, and now I’m sure not the last one. 

Honestly, if I had to choose just one pair of shoes for my wardrobe, that definitely would be something comfortable, chic, and convenient like these taupe sneakers. Comfort for me is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to stepping out with a kid, because chances are you won’t have a second to have a seat and relax. I’m sure moms can relate here : )

Dansko makes shoes that are simply good for your feet – all day, every day – in a range of styles from booties to clogs. I like that they are available on Zappos because Zappos always offers fast, free shipping, a 365-day return policy (!), various styles to choose from, and exceptional customer service.

As a fashionista, I like how these pretty taupe sneakers are a good way to add subtle color to your wardrobe without going too bold or sticking to a monochrome look either. They are definitely a great choice if you are looking to add some neutral colors and pastels to your closet.

I’m definitely that girl who sees sneakers as a stylish and fashionable wardrobe essential. Bonus points if they are comfy and well like my  Gabi sneakers by Dansko. These are my stylish comfy shoes to wear… EVERYWHERE this season ; )

Do you ever wear sneakers as a comfy fashion statement? 

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  1. One of my favorite ways to wear sneakers is with dresses and skirts. It really brings a sense of casual-ness to the look. I also love wearing fun sneakers that are sequined, pink, or what have you!

    Great post! x


  2. You had me at sneakers. I am a big lover of sneakers and I always wear them as a fashion statement. You can ever go wrong with the perfect pair of sneakers.

  3. I am not a huge sneaker fanatic but my chronic illness has forced it on me. With that said I have been getting cute styles and the comfort is of course amazing. I love the styles of your sneakers they can go with any shade as well.

  4. So cute! I always struggle wearing sneakers because I feel like I don’t know how to style them. You did such a great job.

  5. Love those sneakers and paired with cute jeans is darling. I also just started wearing sneakers other than working out and I love it. Still feel weird when I wear them but love it.

  6. Love sneakers but never wear them outside of exercise. I have a pair of converse I almost never wear. Ugh. I love how you styled these shoes!

  7. I have just recently discovered the magic of sneakers in my wardrobe, haha. They are slowly replacing my unpractical heels! The ones you’re featuring here are so cute and so versatile! I want a pair!

  8. I learned very quickly on my recent getaway that I need to invest in a few more sneakers that I can wear casually but still look chic. I’m 27 weeks pregnant and my feet were throbbing in my cute booties from all of the walking, that the last two days i had to wear my gym sneakers (which are still cute, but don’t match with my fun outfits, lol!)

  9. Very cute and comfortable!! I often wear sneakers – converse or espadrilles. Students I work around often think I’m a student myself, but I’m comfortable! It’s great! Also love that color choice of taupe!

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