How Do I Enjoy a Pint of Ice Cream without All the Guilt?

How Do I Enjoy a Pint of Ice Cream without All the Guilt? by Smile Is IT (

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Who doesn’t like sweets? I do! To be honest, I’m that person who cannot live without sweets at all. Maybe that is the reason why strict diets never work for me? Anyway, I still do my best to be smart about the sweets I eat.

Last week I had a chance to visit our local BJ’s Wholesale. I’ve already mentioned how you can easily save a lot on groceries by shopping at BJ’s – they have lots of products that are cheaper than anywhere else plus some products are exclusive to the store. I was browsing the aisles thinking that my shopping is done when I saw 330 calories per pint ice cream… I didn’t have ice cream like forever and definitely had to try! 

Guess what?! Breyer’s delights Cookies and Cream ice cream is a truly tasty cookies and cream reduced-fat ice cream, made with real cookies and fresh cream in every bite. I can’t believe there are only 330 calories per pint. And not only that but at BJ’s you can get a box of 4 pints for less than $12!


My favorite way to eat ice cream is by adding some berries or fruits to it. Mmmmm… So happy that it’s Friday and I can finally enjoy some quiet “me” time indulging a tasty dessert that I don’t feel guilty about! (What am I reading?)

It’s a new year that I want to dedicate to making better choices. I started working out more or less regularly, try my best to drink more water and less coffee (this doesn’t always work though), and I’m definitely adding  Breyer’s delights ice cream to my list of guilt-free desserts : )

What’s your favorite guilt-free dessert?


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    1. Ahhaha! I’m so happy to find a like-minded girl here! 🙂 All my friends would probably pick steak over ice cream but not me!

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