Burgundy and Stripes

I’ll be honest, my favorite season of the year is sunny summer when everybody wears light and bright colors. Fall and winter usually bring lots of black and dark brown shades to people’s outfits, but not to mines. I save darker but vibrant colors and patterns for fall. This year I’m craving burgundy. I got a striped burgundy […]

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Caribbean Parade in the Heart of Brooklyn

Caribbean Parade 2016 Outfit

I know I am a bit late, but I have to share with you guys my great experience from Caribbean parade this year. New York Caribbean parade or carnival started in Harlem in 1920s. At first, the festivities took place every February just like in the Caribbean islands but were indoors due to cold NYC weather. In 1947 the parade […]

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Ballet and Royal Blue

Yana | Smile Is it in Royal Blue Shift Dress (1)

Isabelle turned 2 just last month, and I decided it’s time to attend some fun activity classes. Not that many places want to deal with young toddlers, so our choices were a bit limited, but there is nothing I can’t find 🙂 My little one loves to dance, and yesterday we attended her first ballet class. It was […]

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The Hat and Monochrome Dress

Large Black Sun Hat with Wide Brim (1)

Summer is almost over, but it’s still insanely hot in New York City. As a mom of super active 2 years old toddler, I have no choice but to spend lots of time outside running after Isabelle on the streets and playgrounds. Yesterday we walked half of Manhattan and explored almost all playgrounds Isabelle could find on our […]

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