Burgundy and Stripes

I’ll be honest, my favorite season of the year is sunny summer when everybody wears light and bright colors. Fall and winter usually bring lots of black and dark brown shades to people’s outfits, but not to mines. I save darker but vibrant colors and patterns for fall. This year I’m craving burgundy. I got a striped burgundy dress from Simple Addiction, burgundy tights, and even an adorable burgundy handbag. The last one will come to the blog later.

I’m a firm believer that bright saturated colors can be worn at any age. I’m not a crazy risky fashion addict who would wear red blue and green altogether though. Let’s leave that for 15 years old : ) For this look I combined burgundy with dove gray. No more and no less. I hope you’ll like the look.

Burgundy and Stripes Outfit by Smile Is Is (smileisit.com) 5

Burgundy and Stripes Outfit by Smile Is Is (smileisit.com)

Burgundy and Stripes Outfit by Smile Is Is (smileisit.com) (3)
My cocktail ring is by Tusk with Love

Burgundy and Stripes Outfit by Smile Is Is (smileisit.com) 7

Burgundy and Stripes Outfit by Smile Is Is (smileisit.com) 10

Burgundy and Stripes Outfit by Smile Is Is (smileisit.com) 8

Burgundy and Stripes Outfit by Smile Is Is (smileisit.com) 9

Burgundy and Stripes Outfit by Smile Is Is (smileisit.com) (2)

Burgundy and Stripes Outfit by Smile Is Is (smileisit.com) 11

Burgundy and Stripes Outfit by Smile Is Is (smileisit.com) 6

White Designer Cocktail Ring by Tusk With Love (1)

Dress: Simple Addiction | Ring: Tusk with Love | Booties: Me Too (similar)  | Tights: Hue


Of course, my outfit wouldn’t be complete without proper perfume. Last month I had a chance to shop at Fragrance Outlet and browse their extensive perfume collection. I’m usually a light citrus perfume type of girl, but this time I wanted some more sophisticated adult scent. I picked My Pure which is a sweet evening perfume. Shopping at Fragrance Outlet is a breeze, and I loved the selection. Most importantly, their packages come wrapped like gifts in cute white box and with a ribbon, so I’m thinking of coming back there for some Christmas gifts.

You can get My Pure at 55% OFF with code MYPURE55 here: Fragrance Outlet

My Pure Evening Perfume by Fragrance Outlet



Thanks to Simple Addiction, Tusk with Love and Fragrance Outlet for sponsoring this post. All opinions are genuine and my own.




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  1. Great outfit! I love burgundy. The majority of my fall wardrobe is burgundy or black (comes from attending the University of South Carolina for my undergraduate degree). I even dyed my hair burgundy for a few months. I adore the dress, tights, and shoes! Great look!

    1. Thank you so much Lauren! Wow, that’s a lot of burgundy in your life! But that’s such a pretty color 🙂

  2. I agree with you that Fall makes people feel like they have to dress in rather dark colors. The burgundy is refreshing. I’ll have to add more of it to my own wardrobe.

    Ola | JadoreLeDecor.com

  3. The dress is cute. I don’t have a lot of pattern clothing. I do however like the gray shoes and the purse. The color even looks good with the dress. I normally would have paired it with black, white or nude.

    1. I also don’t have lots of patter clothing, but this dress caught my eye, and it’s so comfy. Waiting it with nude during weather or black all year round sounds as a great option too! Thank you for stopping by Rose!

  4. I would use this a source of inspiration the next time I’d wear something in burgundy or grey. I like vibrant colors too but it can be very challenging how to mix and match colors. I like your accessories. They completed the look. I would be looking for burgundy dresses after reading this post.

    1. Thank you so much Iza! It’s great to hear that I could inspire you. Burgundy is my favorite color this fall, and a new burgundy inspired outfit is coming soon 😉

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