6 Tips to Stay Energized and Make It Through NYFW

6 Tips to Stay Energized and Make It Through NYFW by Smile Is Is (smileisit.com) 2

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Who is excited about fall?! I’m usually never ready for summer to go but the fact that New York Fashion Week is here makes me all smile! As a creative soul and a designer myself, I love to see all the amazing creativity on the runway, beautiful presentations of new collections, and all the street style craziness that happen in Manhattan twice a year. I have to disclose that I’m not an expert in attending NYFW – in fact, this will be my third season – but I want to share some tips that I wished I knew from the start.

Left and right pictures are from Oscar de la Renta FW17 collection

1. Plan wisely

As much as you might be tempted to attend all and every event you are getting invites for, don’t do that. Check all locations and make realistic decisions about what you would be able to attend, enjoy, and promote later. I once made a mistake of starting my day with a show at 9 am with the last one starting at 9 pm. Needless to say, I had a gazillion of pictures and experiences in the evening but barely could enjoy anything the next day.

2. Start your day with an energizing shower

Nothing can set the right start for the day better than a simple shower in the morning. Another day I was at a local pharmacy looking for some new skincare products and stumbled upon the new collection of Suave body washes. They had lots of amazing scents, and I decided to take home two – Wild Cherry Blossom and Cocoa Butter & Shea. I like to use the first one in the morning for the energetic effect of cherry blossom, sweet jasmine, and luscious black currant scent. The rich scent of delicious cocoa butter, coconut, and vanilla cream is more relaxing, so I prefer to use that one in the evening. You can take a short Suave quiz yourself to see what scents would work better for you (there is a bonus coupon at the end too).

3. Drink more water and have a snack on hand

Drinking more water will help your skin stay fresh longer and recuperate quicker after long days packed with shows and events. I also like to always have a few granola or protein bars with me in case there won’t be enough time between the events to have a real meal.

4. Invest in Uber, Lyft, or yellow cabs

As a New Yorker, I tend to take NYC subway everywhere because it’s so convenient but not so much during NYFW. The shows don’t always take place next to subway stations, plus you probably will wear heels, so make sure to download Uber or Lyft to your phone ahead of time. If you don’t, the yellow cabs will take you anywhere too.

5. Get 8 hours of sleep

I’m sure you know that quality sleep is important. Getting 8 hours of sleep is not always easy during NYFW when you balance attending all the events during the day and writing about them at night. Just do your best. If you didn’t, just follow tip #2 (take an energizing shower in the morning). You can take a quiz to see what Suave body wash would work better for your morning showers here.

Fun fact. I remember staying up way longer than I should one night last year and sitting in the front row the next morning. Should I tell you I wasn’t thrilled much by the picture of myself I found later on Getty Images?  : )

6. Practice 5/10-minute work out every morning

I’ve recently had to quit gym due to the complete lack of time. However, I do my best to exercise 10 or at least 5 minutes every morning. You can rotate exercises targeting your arms, legs, and abs focusing on one area at a time during these super quick power work outs. Surprisingly, these exercises make me feel happier, more energetic, and less tired in the evening, so I will keep practicing my super short work outs during this NYFW too.

And last but not least, relax and enjoy the experience! Fashion weeks are fun!

 Tips to Stay Energized and Make It Through NYFW by Smile Is Is (smileisit.com)

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