5 Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow

Fashion Bloggers to Follow

I love stylish outfits. I shop in small boutiques and department stores, look through fashion magazines, observe people on the streets, but most of all I like to get inspiration from fellow fashion bloggers. Here is the list of my favorite 5 fashion bloggers you definitely should check out.


1) Color Me Courtney

Courtney lives in New York, loves colorful out of the box outfits, believes in red lipstick, dessert first, and dance parties. Get lots of bright color combo inspirations from this blog.

Color Me Courtney Blog


2) The Red Closet Diary

Fashion is one of Jalynn’s passions. She dresses the way she feels from romantic outfits to something grungy. I love her new blue hair. Isn’t it awesome?! Not your ordinary fashion blogger from Utah who is different every day.

The Red Diary Closet


3) Stylish Petite

If you are a petite fashionista, shopping might be not easy, but Annie will help you to find right brands and styles. The blog is dedicated to fashion findings for petite women but can be equally interesting for all women who love feminine style in fashion.

Stylish Petite Blog


4) The Tall Society

As somebody who is 5’8″ tall and struggles with finding long enough jeans, I was happy to discover The Tall Society blog dedicated to fashion and lifestyle tips for tall girls and women worldwide. Bree, the founder, is 6’4″ tall and knows everything about looking fab being a tall curvy lady.

The Tall Society Blog


5) Pink Peonies

This one is a very girly and feminine blog concentrated on giving you tips and ideas on how to bring beauty into your everyday life. How cool! Absolutely love the positive vibe and inspiring pictures there. The owner Rachel Parcell even founded her own clothing line that I adore. Make sure to look through this fashion and styling blog.

Pink Peonies Fashion Blog



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